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Apprentice winner criticised for 'lack of experience'.

Rajiv Grover, president of the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons, said: “What this debate needs is a strong injection of common sense – if Dr Leah Totton were training to be a GP she would not be able to work unsupervised for another four years after qualifying. “Yet in the private sector she is setting herself up to train others.”

Leading associations of doctors expressed their concern:

Dr Tamara Griffiths, dermatology representative on the European Committee for Standardisation (CEN) which has been developing EU-wide standards for cosmetic surgery, also questioned Totton’s level of experience. She said: “Dr Totton is a very junior doctor and her claim to be an expert in the field of cosmetic procedures may not measure up to the review by the European Committee for Standardisation, where international consensus has been reached regarding the imperative of adequate and accredited training.”

Dr Renee Hoenderkamp is one of those doctors who has trained extensively in aesthetic procedures and she continues to combine her NHS work with running her highly respected clinic “The Non Surgical Clinic’. Dr Hoenderkamp was recently featured on ITN covering the Keogh report into regulating the industry and she explained how for a year after fist training as a doctor she felt that she needed the sopport and experince of other doctors and so worked for a larger clinic to gain vital experience. Only after this year and constantly attending trianing courses did she feel ready to set up her own clinic.

She told Chris Choi, “I was able after a one day training course to go out and start injecting clients, it was scary and I felt that I wanted more than that in order to be safe. I managed to get a retainer with a clinic where I worked alongside other experienced doctors and nurses and was able to call on their expertise to learn and develop as an injector. Only when I had attended at least another five training courses and worked in the clinic for a year was i ready to start thinking about my own business. Even now, three years on, I constantly attend courses, conferences and work with my colleagues to learn and develop.“.

This dedication and hard work has paid off. Dr Hoenderkamp now has a large loyal database who know that they are in safe hands and love her subtle work and she is now regularly asked for comment for media articles and has recorded a pilot for Channel 4 as their Botox and Filler expert. She has been featured on ITN News. These can be seen here:

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