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Botox for Migraine trial showing 'Phenomenal' results.

Using Botox for the relief of Migraine headaches is just another medical use that has been approved and can be added to the already long list that this pharmaceutical wonder has under its belt. 

A leading pain expert was this week reported as describing the results of using Migraine in patients as ‘phenomenal’. The treatments, being carried out at Holly House Hospital, appear to be leading to less frequent Migraines for sufferers and in one case by 90%. A reduction in the severity and duration of attacks has also been noted. 

The National Institute for Clinical Excellence (NICE) gave provisional approval to the use of Botox for Migraine relief just over a year ago and Holly House Hospital introduced it as a treatment shortly after. In trials, Botox was found to be significantly more effective than placebo in reducing headache frequency and could be shown to reduce the frequency of migraine by up to 26 attacks a year. Analysis of data from over 1300 patients in clinical trials, nearly half the patients (47%) who recieved Botox as the treatment reported a 50% or higher decrease in headache days at 24 weeks.

Whilst in its early stages of use, this is just another example of Botox being used in medical scenarios with excellent outcomes. Watch this space for more uses as time moves on… 

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