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Using fillers to improve pitted acne scarring

I have recently used Juvederm 2 to lift and fill pitted acne scarring with incredible success. Starting with a male patient who had pitted scarring to his cheeks that he wanted improved for some important photos, one treatment with Juvederm 2 completely erased the scars. Another female patient, who had spent over £30,000 over the years having lasers, peels and other scar treatments had three treatments with Juvederm 2 and reported that her scarring had been almost eradicated for the first time in all of these years and treatments. (See testimonial page, Ms JL).Juvederm 2 is the lightest crosslinked filler in the Juvederm Ultra range and a skilled practitioner can inject it superficially into the scarring and lift the pitted scar out. The treatment is quick and relatively painless and the effects last for up to a year. Call for a free consultation.

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Skin needling grows in popularity

Rejuvenating skin using surgical needles on a roller has been popular since its introduction in the mid 1990’s. Known under various names, Dermaroller, Collagen Induction Therapy, micro-needling and medical skin needling to name a few, the theory behind its success is that the hundreds of tiny needle punctures (made after application of local anaesthetic cream) cause injury which the body then repairs and in so doing produce collagen and elastin. This new collagen and elastin production plumps out the skin making it look more youthful with improvement of fine wrinkles and lines, stretch marks, acne scarring and general skin appearance.

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Patients have to be seen face-to-face by a doctor for botox prescribing

The spotlight has turned once again on who should be prescribing and administering prescription only medications used for non-surgical procedures, such as Botox©, Vistabel© and Dysport©. Up until now, prescribing doctors, dentists and nurses could see a patient and prescribe these medications and then administer them to that patient.

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