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Event preparation

One of my clients, a 30-year-old gentleman, came to see me recently regarding the acne scars on his cheeks. The scarring is shown on the left in the before and after photos. These are typical pitted acne scars and are often referred to as ‘ice-pick scars’. They are sunken in and lower than the normal surface level of the skin.

He wasn’t overly bothered about the scarring but because he had an important event coming up he wanted to be able to do something about the scarring for the photos. We discussed the various options available, including chemical peels, derma roller and finally fillers.

Fillers work well with pitted scarring as the filler is injected underneath the scar to lift it out until it is at the same level as the unscarred skin. It is a temporary solution, lasting approximately 9 to 12 months. We agreed that this is was the best solution for this client, as it would last for the event he was concerned about and enable him to see what it would be like not have to live with the scars.

During the treatment, I carefully injected Juvéderm 2 filler underneath the scars on both of his cheeks. The entire procedure took just 20 minutes and was relatively pain free. The results can be seen on the right of the photo.

This photo was taken immediately after the treatment and the red marks and needlepoint marks you can see disappeared within just a few days. All of the scars were completely gone and the client was extremely happy. He now had perfect skin the first time and felt confident about the event.

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