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Galderma, the pharmaceutical giant that brings Restylane, Emervel and Azzulure, to name but a few, to the aesthetics market is launching a global consumer campaign that aims to build trust in aesthetic treatments. They made the announcement at the Anti-aging Medicne World Comgress (AMWC) recently held in Monaco. As they launched the new initiative they also announced that Sharon Stone will be the campaign Ambassador. The campaign, called ‘Proof in Real Life’, will use real results from patients after being treated with Restylane fillers and skinboosters to show real life natural looking results. 

I think its a fantastic idea. The most common concern I hear in the clinic when I speak to patients thinking about fillers for the first time is that they will look unatural. I am constantly asked “will I look like a duck?”, “will my face look puffy?” or “I don’t want a trout pout”! Galderma have proven these anecdotes with research showing that almost 70% of patients fear that they will look unatural. I have a big catalogue of before and after photos of work I have done and use this to reassure new patients that my trademark is a natural look. I want people to look at my patients and think “wow, she looks good”, not “oh she’s had work”. That Galderma have decided to use real before and after photos to show that the natural look is completely possible and turning back the years doesn’t have to mean turning into someone else is possible is fantastic news. Well done Galderma!! 

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