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Glaswegians the most honest about their cosmetic work!

The study, carried out by The Good Surgeon Guide, questioned 200 people from cities all across the UK. They were looking at how likely participants were to admit to their partners that they were undergoing a cosmetic procedure. Londoners were the least likely to own up, with Manchester coming a clost second behind London. There didn’t sem to be a pattern to the geography behind the findings with Galswegians being followed by people from Bristol being the most honest. Overall it did demonstrate widely varying rates of openess about cosmetic surgery and that it is still a very personal and private matter with people having different approaches and reasons behind how honest they might be. 

Certainly attitudes in my clinic vary from totally privacy through to complete openess. I take the view that I am happy for anyone to ask me what I have done and tell them… just botox! 

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