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HRT & skin condition

I have just spent two days at the British Menopause Society Conference and the evidence for HRT and skin condition after menopause was amazing to hear. The WHI paper that the press seized upon 10 years ago did untold damage to HRT usage in post-menopausal women and millions of women have suffered unnecessarily since. Sadly, because the study has now been examined and discredited because fo the age of the sample size. The damage is hard to undo but the message at the conference from speaker after speaker was clear: HRT is safe and even protective. If started close to menopause in women in their 50’s there appears to be a protective action for the heart and blood vessels, little evidence of increased breast cancer risk and if used as a patch or gel, no increased risk of deep vein thrombosis. More interesting from this clinics perspective was a presentation on the work of Professor John Studd that demonstrated HRT use showed rapid rehydration of skin, increased elasticity, increased collagen, delayed or improved wrinkles, and improved skin wound healing. There is no question that after menopause our skin thins, wrkinles more quickly and loses its collagen and elasticity. It makes sense therefore that HRT can halt or reverse these changes. The message is clear, menopause has severe and lasting effects on skin conditions that can be delayed or halted with HRT. If you are affected, speak to your GP about HRT and if it could be valuable to you. 

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