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New anti-aging wonder drug being tested in USA

A widely used diabetes drug called Metformin is showing signs of delaying death and age related conditions such as heart disease, cancer and mental decline. This wil be the first time that a drug has been tested specifically for delaying aging in a human trial. The really good news is that the drug under test, Metformin, is already widely used for the treatment of diabetes and polycystic ovary syndrome and so is already known to be safe in humans. This means it will be fast tracked as animal trials are not necessary. Metformin has attracted attention from the anti-aging forum because people with diabetes taking the drug have lower rates of cancer and heart disease and lived 15 per cent longer than those without diabetes. How it works is not clear but one theory is that it mimics calorie restriction and cells are tricked into an energy-conserving mode which we know extends life in mice. So watch this space… could we all be taking metformin, aspirin and a statin in the future as easily as we eat our porridge for breakfast?  

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