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23rd October, 2020

Non Surgical Nose Job - Behind The Scenes with Jo Jones

Non Surgical Nose Job

So what is a Non Surgical Nose Job? Well it is exactly what it says on the tin! With the help of some cleverly placed dermal fillers we can fix bumps, dips and asymmetry, just as we could with a surgical rhinoplasty!

We recently welcomed Jo Jones to the clinic, beauty expert and co founder of Beauty Banks, similar to a Foodbank but for essential personal care and beauty items. She got in touch looking to have a non surgical nose job as she wasn’t keen on the surgical alternative.

Jo was unhappy with her nose when viewed from the front as the tip was not straight and veered off slightly to one side (as seen in the before pictures below). In just 15 minutes and using less than 1ml of filler we brought the tup over so it was in line with the philtrum, giving Jo the symmetrical finish she was after.

Click HERE to watch a behind the scenes look at Jo’s non surgical nose job being carried out!

Why opt for a Non Surgical Nose Job?

A Non Surgical Nose Job is a great way of letting patients see what their nose would look like if they one day opted for a surgical rhinoplasty. Some patients love the results and go on to decide they want a more permanent solution. We can then help them maintain those results right up until it is time for their surgery!  Other patients like that the non surgical nose job is not permanent and would rather come in to see us for top up treatments every so often as needed.

So what nasal issues can we fix using dermal fillers? The most common are bumps and dips as mentioned above, along with asymmetry such as Jo’s.

We can also inject filler at the bridge of the nose to make it more prominent. We find that it is men who usually come to for help with this issue as fixing it helps create a more masculine appearance of the nose. It can also be an issue for patients from some Asian countries where an under defined nasal bridge is a common genetic feature.

Injury is another reason patients come to see us. If the nose has been misshapen due to a sporting injury for example, we can greatly improve its appearance in just 15 minutes! We have lots of before and afters of non surgical rhinoplasty over on our Instagram.

About the treatment…

  • Filler containing local anaesthetic
  • Treatment time approximately 10-15 mins
  • Lasts around 6-9 months with a hyaluronic acid filler and 2 years with an Ellanse product. (only suitable from second treatment onwards)
  • Results are immediate but there will be some mild swelling which will gradually subside – best results will be seen once this happens.


Why come to our Harley Street Clinic for your Non Surgical Nose Job?

non surgical nose job

Non surgical treatments such as dermal fillers and wrinkle relaxing injections should only ever be carried out by a qualified medical professional.

By deciding to have a Non Surgical Nose Job at out Harley Street clinic, London, you are making sure you are in the best possible hands. Dr. Renée is a practicing NHS GP and has been an aesthetic doctor for over 10 years now; her wealth of knowledge and skill are second to none.

We also only offer our patients the very best products on the market. For example, some fillers are far better than others when it comes to longevity, ease of application and the end result, and those are the ones we offer at the clinic. Remember, cheap fillers are cheaper for a reason!

As a guide to pricing, our Non Surgical Nose Job starts at £335. This is for 1ml of Hyaluronic acid filler which lasts 6-9 months. After your first treatment we can then use a product from Ellanse which lasts for 2 years and costs £450 per 1ml.

non surgical nose job
non surgical nose job
non surgical nose job
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