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Patients have to be seen face-to-face by a doctor for botox prescribing

The spotlight has turned once again on who should be prescribing and administering prescription only medications used for non-surgical procedures, such as Botox©, Vistabel© and Dysport©. Up until now, prescribing doctors, dentists and nurses could see a patient and prescribe these medications and then administer them to that patient. The grey area has surrounded situations whereby a non-prescribing nurse, dental hygienist or other practitioner sees a patient and then gets a doctor to prescribe the medication by fax/email or phone and without the doctor actually meeting the patient and making their own assessment.

This has all changed. On July 23rd the GMC, the body that licenses and regulates doctors issued the following guidance:

The practice of remotely prescribing prescription only botulinum toxin products such as the brands Botox©, Vistabel©, Azzulure©, Dysport©, Xeomin© and Bocouture© will no longer be permitted and doctors must see a patient face-to-face before issuing a prescription for the drug.

Essentially, for the patient, this means that the person who prescribes the botox for you must meet you and do a full assessment of your individual needs.

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