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Royal College of Surgeons recommends approved register of surgeons

The Cosmetic Surgery Interspecialty Team (CSIC) was created in 2013 in response to the Keogh report. You will remember that I was featured by ITN for the release of the Keogh report as a reputable practitioner that did things properly. I therefore wholeheartedly support any attempt to regulate the non-surgical and surgical industry when it comes to cosmetic procedures. One such attempt has come out in the report from CSIC in their consultation document which aims to improve the quality of care to patients undergoing cosmetic procedures. The Chair of CSIC and Vice President of the Royal College of surgeons, Mr Stephen Cannon, is quoted as saying “We are determined to ensure that there are the same rigourous standards for patients undergoing cosmetic surgery in the UK as other types of surgery”. As a result there is a plan to form a register of all cosmetic surgeons which ensures that surgeons are on the GMC’s specialist register for the area of surgery that they wish to perform, eg breast, and that this register be accessible to the public. They will need to demonstrate and prove their skills in this area and provide evidence of their skill. They will have to have a minimum number of procedures before being included on the list and prove the quality of their end results. 

Personally I am all for it and I would like to see Non-surgical practitioners registered and tested in the same way. I am constantly attending courses and masterclasses, keeping my skills up to date and learning new ones. I am happy to be scrutinised and assessed and examined for quality in an industry that is scarily under-regulated. 

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