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Silhouette Soft - the exciting new Non-Surgical Facelift

The latest and most exciting new addition to the Non Surgical armoury is the Silhouette Soft Thread. Hairlike threads made from Polylactic acid are the new non invasive method to rejuventate the face without using a knife. The threads, made from Polylactic acid have been widely used in medicine already and so are proven safe and dissolve over 12-24 months. Hand-made in the US, the threads have tiny cones along their length which, when carefully positioned by a skilled practitioner, hold skin tissue in place and lift from under the skin. The procedure can use any jumber of threads but just two can achieve amazing results in areas where fillers can no longer do the work alone. Dr Renee has already use the threads to completely rejuvenate the mouth and lower face, to lift and add volume to the cheeks and mid face, to pull back loose neck skin and to raise eyebrows and lift heacy lids much more than botulism toxin ever can. 

Having said this, the Silhouette thread is an excellent team player alongside both botulism toxin and fillers. 

The procedure, which can only be done by a qualified doctor, takes from 30mins to an hour and has very little down time. The effects last up to two years and whilst immediately visible, improve over the first few months as new collagen is prompted to grow. 

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