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Skin needling grows in popularity

Rejuvenating skin using surgical needles on a roller has been popular since its introduction in the mid 1990’s. Known under various names, Dermaroller, Collagen Induction Therapy, micro-needling and medical skin needling to name a few, the theory behind its success is that the hundreds of tiny needle punctures (made after application of local anaesthetic cream) cause injury which the body then repairs and in so doing produce collagen and elastin. This new collagen and elastin production plumps out the skin making it look more youthful with improvement of fine wrinkles and lines, stretch marks, acne scarring and general skin appearance.

Needle length various with manufacturer but optimum needle length for professional use is probably 1.5mm. This penetrates deeply enough to reach the dermis and stimulate collagen and elastin growth with minimal downtime.

As the market develops and more evidence is gathered, new products and uses are being seen. New devices are available to concentrate on smaller areas, specific scars and even for the delivery of transdermal products in the stimulation of hair growth.

Micro-skin needling is definitely a treatment worth considering for overall skin rejuvenation.


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