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Hand Rejuvenation

Why may we need a Hand Rejuvenation?

Well, a tell tale sign of ageing is seen on the back of the hands.

The old saying “If you want to know the age of woman, look at her hands!” has never been truer and comes into sharp focus as we manage to hold back time on the face. As we age, the skin of the back of the hands becomes sun damaged and dehydrated. Collagen, fat and elastin is lost leading to crepey skin and revealing the underlying veins, bones  and tendons. These can all be improved using fillers.

Head to my YouTube where you can watch a detailed video on Hand Rejuvenation treatment.

Hand rejuvenation before
Hand rejuvenation after

How does hand rejuvenation treatment work?

During your hand rejuvenation treatment we will use a cannula to gently and almost painlessly feed filler up into the backs of the hands to replace the lost fat and hide the prominent veins, ligaments and bones. Plumping out the area between the ligaments reverses the signs of ageing.

What fillers do you use?

There is a choice of HA fillers and poly-carbon collagen stimulators. Both lift and plump the area and replace the lost fat. Ellanse not only lifts and plumps, it stimulates collagen growth and rejuvenates the skin above the area too.

Read more about the different types of filler we offer here.


Will it hurt?

Hand rejuvenation treatment is surprisingly pain free. Using a cannula minimises pain and there is a local anaesthetic in the fillers.

Are there any side effects?

As with all injectable treatments there is a risk of swelling and redness and possibly bruising, although this risk is minimised by the use of a cannula. All will subside within a few days.

When will I see the results?

The results are immediate and will improve over time with Ellanse as collagen growth is stimulated.

How long do results last?

HA fillers 6-12 months

Ellanse up to 24 months