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Lip Fillers

Lip fillers – so what’s all the fuss about?

Well, your lips are one of the most important features of your face and say much about you. Scientists have known for decades that lips which are naturally full with a defined shape are considered sensual and attractive. Women often describe their lips as the focus on their face that gives them confidence and sensuality. Certainly this allure has been celebrated in art since time and memorial.

Here at The Non Surgical Clinic we pride ourselves on carrying out lip fillers that are subtle, natural and gorgeous. If you are looking to refresh your lips then a lip enhancement with Dr. Renée may just be the treatment for you.


Why might we need lip fillers?

As time goes by, lips naturally lose their volume as naturally occurring collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid dissipate over time, and so appear thinner and less defined. Wrinkles and fine lines can alter the smooth look of your lips further, and compromise the shape of the vermillion borders and cupids bow. The corners of the mouth may even turn down, giving a tired and aged appearance. All of these issues are potentially rectified with lip fillers.

How can lip fillers be used to enhance the lips?

Dermal filler can be used to add volume directly into the body of the lips (top, bottom or both), be applied all around the edge of the lip to redefine the vermillion border, which can also smooth the fine lines that develop in time and allow lipstick bleed, or can be used to lengthen the depth of the lip and improve symmetry. This can be done with a needle, working in the lips directly or via a micro cannula from outside the lips and the technique chosen will reflect the issue being addressed. Dr. Renee will discuss this with you.

Whatever your individual concerns you can discuss this with Dr. Renée during your assessment and the best treatment for you be planned with approach and technique.

Lips Fillers
Lips Fillers

How does lip filler enhancement work?

Hyaluronic acid filler is administered to the lips via a needle or cannula and can be used in the following ways.

  • Vermillion border. The lip edges can be treated to restore contour and redefine the border of the lip. This technique also helps prevent your lipstick from bleeding (a common problem as we age) – leaving you with a crisp, well-defined shape.
  • Enhancing lip volume. We can add natural-looking volume and balance to the body of the lips – the most common enhancement our patients seek.
  • Treating fine lines and wrinkles, caused by genetics, pursing your lips or smoking, these lines are ageing and treating them gives a fresher and more youthful appearance.
  • Philtrum treatment. The trough between your lips and nose (the philtrum) can also be enhanced in order to improve lip contour and definition.

What are lip enhancement fillers made from?

The advanced fillers we use are made from Hyaluronic acid (HA) which is naturally found in the body. Hyaluronic acid helps maintain structure and thickness of the skin but is slowly declines as we age.

Advanced dermal fillers replace this hyaluronic acid loss in a way which enables it to be broken down by the body more slowly than natural hyaluronic acid. HA fillers are not permanent, and will naturally break down. This varies by individual, filler choice and area of the face treated.

Will lip enhancement hurt?

The advanced dermal filler contains a local anaesthetic for added comfort and is injected with a small, fine needle. There is a little pain but it is beareable and the lidocaine works quickly as it is injected.

We can also use full local anaesthetic, otherwise known as a ‘dental block’. This completely numbs the lips meaning a pain free experience.

Dr. Renee will discuss the pros and cons of each approach at your initial consultation.

How long will the treatment take?

Dr. Renée will discuss your requirements with you at your consultation to ensure your treatment is tailored to your desired outcome, but it usually takes from 15 to 30 minutes.

Are there any side effects?

It is common to have some redness and swelling after treatment, but this usually resolves within a few days. Bruising is possible and this varies patient to patient and treatment to treatment.

When will I see the results?

The effect is immediate, and as there is virtually no recovery time, you can carry on with your normal routine after your appointment. You may have a little swelling which will subside over the following 24-72 hours but the result will be there to see when you leave the clinic.

How long do results last?

Results will last approximately 6 months. This varies patient to patient.

The volume required will be decided during your consultation but Dr. Renée rarely uses more than 1ml in an initial sitting and this is usually ample.