"We can prevent forehead lines from forming and reduce the appearance of existing wrinkles"

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Forehead Lines

Why do we get forehead wrinkles?

We naturally make expressions with our face as we talk and express ourselves. These are seen as horizontal forehead lines, (often called frown lines), and when young they are active lines that only appear when we frown or lift our eyebrows. As we age the skin naturally starts to form these lines as static lines, meaning that they don’t completely disappear when the muscles are still. You may wish to treat these using wrinkle relaxing injections. It can stop you forming the static lines before they actually start and can soften the ones that have formed.

Contrary to popular opinion, it is possible to keep a good range of movement across the treated area and for the work to look completely natural! You need to see a practitioner who is medically qualified and knows how to inject correctly to achieve this. Dr. Renée believes that you have to be able to move your eyebrows after treatment as without this you lose too much facial expression. So rest assured, unless you specifically want it (and a few patients do) you will never be ‘frozen’, just fresh and line free.


Forehead Lines
Forehead lines

How does the treatment work?

A series of small injections are administered to the muscle that requires treating. These injections block signals from travelling between the nerves and the muscle, therefore reducing its ability to contract.

This is turn smoothes the wrinkles and stops them from forming.

What product is used?

We use a product from Galderma called Azzalure – Botulinum Toxin Type A.

Will it hurt?

You may feel a mild ‘pin prick’ sensation from the needle but the procedure is relatively pain free and is over in less than 2 minutes.

How long does treatment take?

Around 10 minutes.

Are there any side effects?

Wrinkle relaxing injections are relatively safe when performed by a medically qualified practitioner. However, as with all medical procedures there are some side effects to be aware of.

These can include:

  • pain, swelling and/or bruising at the injection site
  • headaches – these shouldn’t last longer than 24-48 hours
  • Dropping of the eyelid – this is extremely rare and the chance diminishes with a skilled injector

When will I see reults?

You will begin to see results between 2-10 days after treatment, with the full effect taking up to 21 days. every patient is different but all will have full effect at 3 weeks.

How long do results last?

Around 4-6 months. This is normally when our patients come back in to see us for a top up.